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The mayor wants to revive pride in Clarenceville

Canada Français 12-03-2015

June Public Consultation

Working together for the futur of Clarenceville

A first in Clarenceville 100 people gathered to discuss the future of Clarenceville! They identified the elements that matter most to heart and in consultation with others, eight priority areas of action were identified:

  • A renewed pride
  • A place for families
  • Adequate infrastructures
  • Protection and value of the environment and agriculture
  • To sustain an economic and commercial vitality
  • Accessible health services
  • Access to telecommunication services
  • Active transportation such as bike paths

Volonteers of the month

Mrs. Johan Hislop, volunteer of the month

The last volunteer of the month was Ralph Stevenson for its involvment for our young generation.

Now we want to point out the generousity of Mrs Johan Hislop who is always there with her smile and her sweetness to give a hand to the kitchen or the service at virtually all Community activities in the village. Thank you for being there with us, we appreciate you very much!

Lake Champlain

Let’s go swimming!  To know the quality of the water of the beaches participating in the Environment-Plage Program

Want to prevent Blue-Green Algae? www.nosplansdeau.com

What to do in the presence of a Bloom of Blue-Green Algae?

Bad new : a big accident on 202

Members of council and I want to express all our moral support of the families touched directly or indirectly by the accident that involved 11 people and killed one.

Renée Rouleau, Mayor