Garbage & Recyclables Collection


Garbage collection: every Monday

Container Park (dump):  reserved for the citizens of  Saint-Georges-de-Clarenceville. Excluding garbage from businesses / commercial entrepreneurs.

  • Summer schedule:  Every 2nd Saturday morning from 9 am to noon.
  • Winter schedule:  Tuesday morning by appointment only.

Recyclables collection: every 2nd Monday.

Garbage and recycling bins are available at the Town Hall for a fee.


Paper and cardboard: all unsoiled paper and cardboard.
Glass: all glass jars and bottles. Throw away the tops and place the lids in the bin separately.
Aluminum and other metals: tin cans, beverage cans, clean paper and aluminum plates, metal lids and reasonably-sized metal items (saucepan, frying pan, toaster etc).
Plastic:  all plastic food jars, bottles and containers.
Milk and juice containers: all, providing they have been rinsed and the lids have been removed.
Plastic bags and wrappings: almost all providing they have been emptied and rinsed.
Paper and cardboard: all waxed, metallic and carbon.
Glass: all others (mirror, window, dishes, light bulbs etc).
Aluminum and other metals: paint and solvent containers, pressurized containers (aerosol cans, propane gas tanks), very small pieces (nails, screws etc), very large pieces or anything over 5 lbs.
Plastic: all objects that are not containers (toys, styrofoam, rubber).
Plastic bags and wrappings: plastic wraps (Saran Wrap type), candy bags, overwrappings, anything styrofoam).

LACOLLE ECOCENTRE (there is a fee) Website
8 Parc-Industriel Boulevard, Lacolle (Quebec) J0J 1J0
Telephone: 450-246-2521 extension 221 or 225.